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  • Available either refined or in finger form
  • 100% Organic

Our chief export as it’s widely known for its unique color and taste, Turmeric (or ​E’rd ​in Amharic)​ ​is known to be used in foods, cosmetics, medicinal drug preparations, and as an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory for humans. Turmeric is commonly ground and mixed for all these different purposes. Our Turmeric is sourced directly from farms we’ve visited to ensure the highest quality product is being grown. Our Turmeric is available both in raw form (fingers) and in the processed form (powder).

The use of turmeric dates back nearly 4000 years to the Vedic culture in India, where it was used as a culinary spice and had some religious significance. It would eventually reach East Africa by 800 A.D and its popularity and use have only increased since. Fast forward to today and turmeric is a staple in many people’s lives on a daily basis. The key component (Curcumin) has been found to have helped in many human ailments ranging from heart issues to Alzheimer’s. On top of this, it’s more commonly found in many South-Central Asian and African dishes.

Quality Specifications- Turmeric
Calcium > 4.0%
Volatile Oil >4.00% v/w
Total Starch <60.00%
Total Ash 7.00% max
Acid Insoluble Ash 1.00% max
Foreign Matter 0.05%
Moisture 5%-7% max
Minimum Order 1 20ft Container

Black pepper

  • Available in black or white
  • Also available in whole or crushed form

Ethiopian black pepper is one of the most popular spices in the horn of Africa for its high quality and robust composition. In addition, the demand for black pepper globally continues to increase not just for Ethiopian black pepper, but for all peppercorn as it is the most commonly used spice on the planet. Its scarcity in Ethiopia makes it a hot commodity in the domestic and international marketplace. Ethiopia has an estimated 1,104,300 square meters of land covered with pepper vines. Our pepper is sourced from only the healthiest vines which then the peppercorn is picked only at the ripeness stage.

The origin of the black peppercorn is said to come from the coast in India. Explorers would over time, bring the spice through trading routes dropping it at every country they would pass through on their route. It is widely believed that pepper at once point in history was also used as a currency amongst traders from different regions. To this day, although not as valuable, the demand for the spicy dried contents of the vine from the Piperaceae family will keep continuing to increase.


  • Available processed or in stick form
  • Extracted exclusively from our farm

Cinnamon (or K’erefa as it is known in Amharic) is grown strictly in the southern region of Ethiopia. Cinnamon is a highly consumed spice in Ethiopian culture for dishes and to create other spices. Its popularity for farmers has increased over the last 5-10 years and has gradually become a staple for a lot of single and cooperative farmers and farm holders. Our cinnamon is sourced from the young Cinnamomum trees in which the inner bark (cinnamon stick) is dried and prepped and inspected to ensure its quality for export


  • Native to Ethiopia and a chief export of our farm
  • Dried and ripe pods available

Our Ethiopian cardamom is harvested in the wild coffee forests in the Kaffa region. We provide high-quality Ethiopia cardamom to the local and international market. We source the raw fresh Ethiopia cardamom from our family farm in Ethiopia.​ ​It comes from the subspecies Aframomum corrorima and consists of green pods that turn brown when dry. Its taste is rather distinct in comparison with the true cardamom and as its size is also bigger. We source the seeds from the family growers to make sure it is of high quality for production. Seeds are dried and packaged adequately before shipping.